Designed specifically for electric commercial vehicles, the ECOBOX features aerodynamic rounding that reduces drag and increases battery range.

With this new addition to JUSTDRIVE’s delivery range, companies can now benefit from a body that is optimized for electric vehicles. The ECOBOX features newly developed front corner profiles that, in combination with the body width, significantly reduce the
air resistance. Practical tests have shown that the range of electric vehicles with this combination increases by 14% compared to a comparable body with straight 90⁰ corners.

JUSTDRIVE is a fast-growing company focused on innovative solutions for LCV commercial vehicles. With the launch of the ECOBOX, JUSTDRIVE is taking a big step in the development of sustainable mobility for companies. Thomas Malysse: The ECOBOX is an ideal addition to our delivery range and allows our customers to drive in a sustainable way without compromising on efficiency.

With the ECOBOX, companies can profile themselves as sustainable businesses and reduce their CO2 emissions. It is the perfect choice for companies that value the environment and are looking for innovative solutions to make their transportation more sustainable and efficient.